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“Twitter’s #hashtag: Handy search device, or irksome clutter?” A blog on Ragan

“Have you #hashtagged your #conference or #hobby on #Twitter yet, or are you #waiting to figure out the #definition #first?”

This week on my blog site I found an interesting article on Hastagging on Twitter. Personally I had no idea what Hastagging was all about.  “Hashtagging, is the practice of putting the pound symbol (#) in front of a word.” There are no rules for hashtags, anyone can use them for anything. Like any tagging the idea is to label something so you can easily find it later when doing a search. The new “thing” on Twitter is Hashtagging an event or activity.

Personally, I think hashtags are useful for stuff like live tweeting events, but on the whole, I think they are more confusing than they are useful. First of all, you’re already limited to 140 characters, do you really want to use a bunch of them for your #hashtag? And when reading other peoples post, it can get confusing on what they are trying to say with all the pound symbols being thrown out  left right and centre. 

I personally think Twitter should come up with a way of tagging posts that is invisible to userslike tagging blog posts. That would also make it possible to go back and add tags onto existing posts, or to fix you’re tweeting about something that requires a tag (like an event) but you forget to add the hashtag.

Any thoughts?


May 24, 2009 - Posted by | Review of Monitored Site

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