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I must sound like a broken record

My first contribution to this blog talked a little bit about PR spam and entry level PR flacks ruining their reputation because of poor communication between Baby Flack and Mama Flack. Interestingly enough Shel Holtz ABC, a social media guru and all around PR superstar felt the same way for some time. What was his answer to this little issue?

The Employee Communications Manifesto Wiki. 

This wiki was created to help the entry level PR player gain some important knowledge of his/her field and not tarnish their reputation by ignorance. This document is also important for improving internal communications, as Shel puts it,

“…companies recognizing how inextricably linked internal and external communications have become to leaders like the CEO of Commonwealth Bank, who sees employees as a “secret weapon” with whom he can communicate, then turn loose to spread the message, it’s clear that internal communications is gaining a stronger foothold in a lot of companies.”

Having access and knowledge of documents like this will put us ahead of the game by increasing our knowledge which in turn, improves our skills we have developed here.  Because of the extremely turbulent times we are currently living in, we only have our skills to fall back on and they better be in fine form because if we don’t know what environment we are stepping into, we are in a lot of trouble.

Think about this. “Once the recession passes, I expect internal communications departments to be staffing up, often with new-hires who have no background in the discipline to which they’ve been assigned. I also expect a lot of out-of-work journalists to find a home in employee communications.” — Shel Holtz

I want everyone in this class and program to become successful PR people because the more Mount grads in the PR community the better… for all of us.  We are going to be competing against savagely hungry grads and talented people from different industries when we get up on out of her. Use these sites, wiki’s to improve your knowledge and learn new skills and we can become leaders. Don’t wind up on the PR blacklist. 

Here is a network that might help us show how talented we are all and connect with others that are just as kick ass –>  then Add me as a friend.



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