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How Many Identities Do YOU Have?

This week in class one of the readings discussed, Meetspace by Elizabeth Barrett got me thinking. How many identities do I have? Without even thinking I would say at least three.
In our society, we already have what we would consider our “offline” identity for which most of us can not be defined in a black and white world. Personally, I have two distinct identities, my English life and my French life. Now, on top of juggling those two lives I have to add to that my “online” identity. This is getting complicated, not only do we need to juggle our offline lives now we must add our virtual lives to that. This makes you wonder how many of us are different when online then offline. How is this affecting our social lives? Personally, I feel it adds to the mix but is it making our society less interactive? Are we helping to create a socially awkward society? These are all questions that are still being questioned. As for now, we must simply learn how to live with our different (sometimes very complex) identities.

So think about it, how many identities do you have?


May 22, 2009 - Posted by | Comment on Course Material


  1. This reading got me thinking as well about they way we think about identity. The notion that we are all always performing really hits home with me because I feel identity is a superficial social contruct anyway. However I believe we should try to sync our online and offline identities into one harmonious beast. I feel deeply about personal branding and its growing importance in our field. Being such a tight-knit community we should all be careful of what we are typing online …

    With more and more ways for us to positively build our personal brands there are equally as many places for us to tarnish them as well. We have all heard stories of the accidental ‘reply all’ emails, a bombastic MSN name or a snarky subliminal on Twitter. All these actions can affect how people are viewing your personal brand or your ‘identity.’ If you think you can be safe as an anonymous avatar on the Internet, think again.

    The internets never forgets… MJ

    Comment by Matt | May 22, 2009 | Reply

  2. This is so true! When reading this post I started thinking about my online identity and then realised that I have many online identities just like I have many offline identities. In Barbra Emodie’s advanced PR writing class she spoke on the importance of finding your voice when writing. I think that this can be confusing when we have so many different ransoms for communicating online. Online at work, with best friends, acquaintances, and family I notice that I am changing my voice and not being my authentic self. Communicating with the written word so much different than by speech.

    Comment by bethanyeyking | May 24, 2009 | Reply

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