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In the spirit of So You Think You Can Dance…

Do you have a passion for blogging? Well Community Marketing Blog might just be the blog for you! The blog team is looking for three talented people to join their team. In the spirit of So You Think You Can Dance, Canadian Idol or even America’s Got Talent, the team is having a blog-off contest. From May 18 to May 30, bloggers will get a chance to show off their talents. This is a great idea brought to you by the Community Marketing Blog.

How does it work?

With three goals in mind, contestants must write topics they believe will be inspiring, create as much interaction as possible, and generate as much traffic on their blog as possible. Bloggers must complete a three stage process to be eligible.

Stage 1:  Tell the readers who they are, there area of specialization and why they would be a perfect fit for the blog. Once all the applicants have been evaluated, judges will make their selection and the blogging can begin.

Stage 2:  As of now, 25 participants have been chosen and they now have two weeks to post a minimum of two articles. Also, they must generate as much traffic on their blog.

Stage 3:  At the end of two weeks, the blogger that has created the most traffic on their post will be crowned the winner and be asked to join the Community Marketing Blog team.

If you want to keep an eye on the competition or if you are interested in making your blogging skills known you can go to the Community Marketing Blog .

 So let the blogging begin!



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  1. I’m sort of curious as to how the 25 finalists were chosen. Who is responsible for judging? What are the criteria? In stage one, applicants need only express “who they are”. Online performance and identity creation allow us to be whoever the heck we want to be, so long as we’re able to frame ourselves in such a way. For all you know I could have a PhD in community marketing and perhaps another PhD in blogging-ology and therefore a “perfect fit for the blog”. I guess the idea is that the blog entry writing style has to reflect who the applicants are, in tone, mechanics and so forth. Or at least the writing style that the website wants on their blog.

    Furthermore, once the 25 are chosen, and the object of the contest is to generate as much traffic as possible, how can the contest moderators ensure that the participants aren’t just getting their friends and family to visit their entry repeatedly? My worry is that the anonymity and ambiguity of social media would skew the results and the true best candidate could not be found. I’m pretty sure friends and family visiting the blog just so that their applicant friend can win some contest are not the type of viewers that Community Marketing Blog would want to attract. They aren’t visiting because they’re interested in the subject matter and are not likely to become frequent viewers.

    Comment by mostlyheather | May 21, 2009 | Reply

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