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SMG LogoWhere was this website when I needed it? Over my past three work terms I’ve struggled with old-school communications practitioners, who were hesitant to give new social media tools a try. Many of them failed to see the strategic purpose of the tools, while others were weary of using the tools correctly. Social Media Group (SMG) is an independent agency that solves both of these problems for timid communications practitioners who are new to the new media scene. Best of all, SMG is 100% Canadian, based in Dundas, Ontario.

SMG is devoted to helping communicators “navigate the new socially engaged web,” by developing both strategic frameworks and tailor-made tactics. From what I can tell, SMG follows the same communications planning process that has been drilled into our psyche throughout the Public Relations program at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Research   The agency begins with in-depth research conducted by their extensive department of social media analysts. Within the department, there are specific teams devoted to each unique aspect of social media, for example, the Blogger Relations Specialists team.

Planning   Once the research phase is complete, SMG works with organizations to develop a strategic plan that meets their organizational mandate and the needs of their stakeholders.

Implementation   With a strategy in place, SMG assists organizations in implementing appropriate social media tools. Their Digital Snippets service, for example, is a platform for organizations to launch social media releases.

Evaluation   SMG even equips clients with ongoing evaluation and monitoring services once the social media tools are in place: “Using SMG’s proprietary methodology, our Social Media Analysts keep their fingers on the pulse of Web 2.0 on behalf of your firm, executives or product. Whether you are listening to the conversation, or (ideally) participating in it, though our exclusive partnership with monitoring industry leaders Radian6, SMG provides you with real-time, meaningful analytics that allow us evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the social media strategies you have in place.”

So far, business has been booming for SMG. Clients include Ford, Yamaha and Home Hardware. I just wish I’d known about this agency when I was repeatedly asked by co-op employers: how can social media help us? SMG’s main website is laid out in a blog-style format, announcing events, posting industry news and profiling client successes. I will be monitoring SMG’s updates over the next few months—stay tuned for more!


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