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Normal is what normal does (Taweel Reading)

I’m a self-proclaimed social media scardy cat, and as I learn about all of the new technologies I’m interested in how they vary from the old ones. So, when I looked at the Taweel reading the one thing that caught my attention was how social media related to and/or changes relationships. One study that Taweel explores indicated that “face-to-face communication can be detrimental to relationships established online.”

It is evidence like that that makes me a) scared of social media, b) question how social norms are changing, and c) to what extent we will allow them to.

One thing that has definitely seen a change with the influx of new technologies and social media is music – how it’s created and how we access it.

Now don’t judge me for this but, let’s takes Soulja Boy Tell’em for example. A few years ago Soulja boy burst on the rap scene almost overnight. How? Well, this ‘web-hustler,’ for lack of a better word, created his own beats, and put his music up on MySpace and YouTube. He is currently one of the most downloaded artists and veteran hip hop artists are using his ideas to market their own material.

Regardless of what you think of his music, what he’s accomplished using social media tools is pretty incredible and makes you re-think the way music and fame is created.

On the accessibility front, not to preach, but we all know downloading music illegally is, well, illegal. Most of us do it and don’t think twice about the effects or consequences of it. Stealing is generally not an acceptable part of our social norms, but in this case it’s not really ever questioned and usually has no consequences.

I know I asked this in class but how else do you all see social media changing social norms? Any other examples you want to share?

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May 17, 2009 - Posted by | Comment on Course Material

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