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Niche Networks – Things will only become more defined

The three Niche Networks listed on Solis’s Conversation Prism are LinkedIN, Ning and Plaxo.

LinkedIn is a professional network that helps people stay in touch with colleagues and classmates while helping connect people to experts in their chosen field.  The premise is to use the site to make connections by creating your contact list.

Ning lets people to make their own social networks on their own topic of choice.

Plaxo allows users to create an address book of other users which is constantly updated with the users new contact information. Plaxo recently introduced the service called “Pulse”, which is a social network site with only the people you want to stay in close contact with.

Before implementing this software in an organization one would have to ensure that your “connections” such as stakeholders are using this system and not another social networking site.

I like the design behind the Neich Network, Plaxo because it makes sense.  Personally, I don’t feel comfortable having my employer, past employers, colleagues and networking connections on my facebook cite, but would like to stay connected with them. I believe Niche Networks will become more and more popular because people will need a venue to separate their different online communities such as, school, work, family, friends and special interest groups.  I also think there will be a need for more exclusive sites with stronger privacy settings so that a potential employer can access your online portfolio easily but not your pictures of your vacation to Cuba.



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