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Lifestreams: Digital Diaries

A Lifestream is an aggregation of social media feeds, to create a custom stream of information. In essence, it is a summary of your social media activity created by you, in which you choose what tools you’d like to include in your streams (flicker, youtube, facebook, twitter). Lifestreams help to “filter out noise” and focus specifically on different outlets. For example you could have one lifestrem dedicated to blogs, and another to photos or videos. Lifestreams can help facilitate relationships because they combine all activity into a easy-to-follow stream, rather then wasting time going to each individual site. Think of a Lifestream as your facebook homepage, but including all updates from other social networks.

Reasons to Use Lifestreams:

–         It helps others understand what’s going on in your life in a simple way (the digital equivalent of talking to friends about the photos/videos you’ve seen, music, what you’ve been up to, etc)

–         They helps build, control and promote an online identity

–         They create a “digital diary” of your life.

Friend Feed is a social aggregator, where users create customized feeds with updates from various social media tools such as blog entries, photo uploads, links and videos. These feeds are then shared with your friends you ass on FriendFeed. helps you keep your friends informed about what you are doing online. In real time, collects all activity from your favourite web services on page, and shares your updates with your friends. supports over 40 social networking sites and relays your messages to social networking sites through a straight forward posting method and advanced custom triggers.  

 Profilactic is a social media and lifestreaming service which support over 190 social sites, which allows users to combine everything you and your friends create online.

While i am very new to Lifestreams, i am quite intrigued by them, as they provide a time efficent way to share your updates and check out your friends’ updates at a simple glance.


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