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Micromedia. Millions of people around the world have embraced it, tweeting their minds out and following celebrities and friends. Micromedia is social media, but in a tinier, more compact format. Twitter is the first one that comes to mind, but with some investigation, there are, in fact, many more options available to the techno-savvy individual who wishes to use social media in their everyday lives.

070410-twitter Twitter – answers one question – what are you doing? Through the use of rapid (and short) status updates, you can keep all the
people connected to you informed on what you are doing.

In regards to communicators, Twitter has even  been used to combat crises. Take Ford Motor Company, for example. In “The Ranger Station Fire” fiasco, Scott Monty utilized Twitter, and tweeted 138 times over 19 hours, helping calm the online wildfire.

Ford Motor Company isn’t the only company using Twitter. Starbucks, Dell, ComCast, and The Home Depot have Twitter accounts.  Sharing corporate news, new products and coupons, companies that are tweeting are reaching more people than those who don’t.

* Taken from &

– similar to twitter, it allows you to post to a “lifestream”, whereby you explain what you’re doing, how you’re doing, thoughts, ideas, etc. Like Facebook, you can also add comments to other people’s accounts,  and it is compatiable with Nokia cell phones for mobile microblogging.

*Taken from

tumblrTumblr – lets you share anything. Photos, quotes, text, ideas and emotions, videos and music. Nothing is impossible with this social media tool.  Like MySpace, it allows users to customize their blogs or profile pages to their liking with backgrounds, pictures, etc.

*Taken from

plurkPlurk – is extremely similar to Twitter. It allows you to send status updates (or anything you feel necessary) in 140 character chunks. Updates are shown on a chronological timeline, and you can reply to someone’s update by an instant message or text message.

*Taken from

utterli1Utterz – Now known as Utterli, this site allows users to start discussions from their computer or their phone. Texts, audio,
video and photos can be uploaded and other users can comment to begin a discussion of your original post.

*Taken from

seesmic1Seesmic – is a new application, whereby users can use their webcam to upload videos and have conversations with other users. It is a video blogging application and has been referred to as the “Twitter of video”.

*Taken from – Like Twitter, this application allows users to post 140 character updates. Like Twitter calls its updates “tweets”, refers to these 140 character updates as “dents”. It supports  XMPP which ultimately means users can import their dents into Twitter, or to an aggregator.

*Taken from – Allows users to upload cell phone videos or webcam videos to Twitter, Facebook, or leave them on the 12seconds website. Their marketing slogan is “What can you do in 12 seconds?”

*Taken from


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