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Don’t blame yourself, blame designers!

I figure that since this is my first blog entry, I’ll play it safe and follow what others have been doing. The blog that I will be following this semester is  It was created by Joshua Porter 2001. It’s a blog that focuses on web design. 

His blog is all about making websites and software more user-friendly.  One of Porters’ main principles is that, “Technology serves humans. Humans do not serve technology.” What he means by this is that people often blame themselves when they encounter problems with technology. He believes that (at least some of) the blame should lie on web designers, software designers, etc.  If you are using a program and aren’t able to achieve the results you were hoping for or experience technical difficulties, it may be because the program wasn’t designed very well (I think I will use this excuse the next time I have to use DreamWeaver, kidding).  

Other design principles Porter discusses include the differences between design and art, the user experience, and simplicity.  When all of these principles are taken into consideration, the experience of the user in enhanced. There should be no bumps in the road or dead ends.

I look forward to following this blog. Normally, I find learning to use new software a pain in the butt (but always beneficial).  I’m glad to see designers are trying to make new technology as user-friendly as possible.


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