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In her paper, Tracey Taweel points out how important it is for people to feel connected, and how the internet has opened up endless new possibilities for people to connect with one another.

Blogs are a perfect example of one of these possibilities. They provide a forum for people to share their ideas about anything and everything. Because blogs’ topics are as diverse as the people that create them, they are organized and divided to make them more accessible (thus provide the connection Taweel pointed out).

If we work from the inside out, we see the blogs are organized in the following way:

1. Blog platforms –> these tool provides people with the opportunity to create a blog in the first place. An example is WordPress, the tool we’re using right now in our class.
2. Blog conversations –>  these organize the blogs in a way that allows people to search for, and find, blogs about topics they’re interested in (thus want to connect to).
3. Blog communities –> these take another step in organizing said blogs in that they allow people to then make their connection to blogs more personal – for example, aggregating blog news, rating blogs, etc


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