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The new “EduBook” sells message of reform

Papyrus …on digital learning and literacy had a very interesting post dated May 7, 2009 and titled “Fascinating New “EduBook”. It features the launch of Gecko EduBook netbook by NorhTec Corpoation, a computer and computer server manufacturer, who’s vision is to “create devices that take advantage of new operating system features and new form factor options.”  The post, written by Mark Warschauer, a professor of Informatics at the University of California, describes the new EduBook as having many direct benefits to the field of information and communication technologies in schools and communities, as well as a potentially positive influence upon social development and language and literacy levels in the United States schools especially. These hopes stem from the fact that the new EduBook runs on plain old  AA batteries instead of the more pricey lithium ones. The post states that since the power supply is internal, only a cheap $2 power cord is needed as an adaptor. What’s more and probably most impressive is that the unit is expected to sell for $150 to $200, a significant difference in comparison to the cool $2,000 I spent for my MacBook.


Warschauer predicts that in the next few years, a range of similar netbooks will be available to public schools allowing much easier integration of computers than what’s currently experienced today. This is encouraging news for low income parents unable to provide their children with the new technologies needed in order to exchange with their peers in today’s society. It is also positive for developing countries, as they too may now be able to expand their education around information and communications technologies in a global age. Overall, I found the post enlightening as it shows the astronomical change in the history of the computer, drastically different from the early computers seen in the in-class video that showed programming controlled by patch cables and switches in outside rooms. Finally!  A more economical option that is available to the working poor and offers benefits to society as a whole.


Way to go NorhTec!  Keep it up!


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