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Let’s Talk – PR Conversations

PR Conversations

PR Conversations

For this first entry, as many of you did, I’m going to give a basic overview of the blog I was assigned and some of the interesting posts you may want to check out.

PR Conversations considers itself to be a global environment for PR related debate. There are 10 authors from all corners of the globe who present their opinions on various topics, issues, ask for help etc.

One of the more recent posts is by a practitioner from Italy who is looking for feedback and suggestions on a chapter he’s written on Global PR. His chapter will appear in the second addition of a Reputation Management book being released in 2010. Feel free to check it out and maybe we call all discuss some ideas that we can pass along to him.

There is also a special feature up right now called “ What is PR?” which helps to explain the breadth of the field and how there are so many different answers to that question. I know every time there’s a family function someone asks that question, so this may be an interesting read…minus the fact that it’s 60-plus pages!

I’m looking forward to delving into this blog further and hopefully building up the courage to make an educated comment!

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May 15, 2009 - Posted by | Review of Monitored Site

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